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Antarctican Society Newsletter
(Review by Dr. Paul Dalrymple, Past President December 2008, recommended)

“This book will walk you through the early Antarctic experience of a most engaging young man who was to use his first year there as a springboard to his becoming one of our country’s foremost polar scientists. You can get the book for the overachieving Boy Scout in your family; actually there are no age limits for readers, as it is an ageless book on how one young man captured the world before the Depression and went on to find his portrait on the cover TIME Magazine.”

Midwest Book Review
(An enthralling story of true adventure, recommended)

“It’s not every day one get to live the dream with their hero. Eagle on Ice: Eagle Scout Paul Siple’s Antarctic Adventures with Commander Byrd tells of the true story of Commander Byrd, the first man to fly over the South Pole and known for his historical expeditions northward as well. An excited young man and eagle scout by the name of Paul Siple earned the chance to join Richard Byrd, making his dreams come true. Outlining the adventure of early Antarctic exploration as well as working with one’s hero, Eagle on Ice is an enthralling story of true adventure.”

Selected Excerpts from Amazon.com Reviews

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“A Great Man, Scientist and His Earliest South Pole Adventure”
We had the privilege of knowing Dr. and Mrs. Paul Siple, when he was the Scientific Attache in Canberra, Australia. I found EAGLE ON ICE a fascinating read. When I was teaching, EAGLE ON ICE would have been a great book for students, especially young men. It was written to keep the reader’s attention.
(Dr. David Groce: California)

“An Incredible Story, Told Incredibly Well”
EAGLE ON ICE is one of the best books I have ever read—I simply could not put it down. The story is amazing in and of itself, but Dr. Wilson tells it in such a way that you believe you are there on the ice with Paul Siple as he grows into a man that would throughout his life put service before self. Just as scouting prepared me for a career as a Navy pilot, this book will prepare and encourage young readers to seek adventure and service to others.
(Commander W. Riels, USNR, Washington, D.C.)

Undergoing the harsh and dangerous surroundings of a journey to Antarctica as described in Eagle on Ice requires both “survival instincts” and survival techniques.” By telling the story through the eyes of Eagle Scout Paul Siple, Wilson and Leslie do a great service to the values and skills that were provided by the Scouting program. I know that my life was enriched through the Boy Scouts, but I had not formed this experience into words. For that articulation I thank the authors for doing thisfor me in such an enjoyable fashion.
(Frank Ingraham, Eagle Scout, Troop 70, Dallas, TX)

The authors have skillfully woven the highlights of Commander (later Admiral) Richard Byrd’s first Expedition to Antarctica (1928-1930) and the personal story of Paul Siple, the Boy Scout who was a member of the 1928-1930 (and later) expeditions.
(Dr. Jim Skyles, Verona, Wisconsin)